How to choose a rug

How to choose a rug

Buying a rug is like buying like a wedding ring for your fiance-it can be overwhelming. There are a number of factors to consider, like if the ring is the perfect size, does she love the design and if she would love to flaunt it or just wear it occasionally. It’s like that moment where “could have/would have/ should have” doesn’t really work unless you know all the specifications just like what you need to buy that PERFECT RUG.

Measure the size of the room where the rug needs to be placed.Take the exact measurement of the area where you would like the carpet to be placed and note the size of the area that you want to cover. Round rugs are for foyers/entrances/ kids room that are more playful. Most of the carpets are rectangular in shape and are standardized in size.


Common sizes (approximate) of rectangular rugs are:

2×3 ft (60x90cm)2.5×4 ft (76x122cm)3×5 ft (90x150cm)4×6 ft (122x183cm)5×7 ft (150x244cm)
5.5×8 ft (167x244cm)6×9 ft (183x275cm)7×10 ft (213x305cm)8×10 ft (244x305cm)8×11 ft (244x335cm)
9×12 ft (275x365cm)10×13 ft (305x395cm)12×18 ft (365x550cm)14×23 ft (426 x701cm)

One of the major factors to be considered is whether you would like the rug under the furniture or not. Also, if you are looking for an odd size rug, kilims and Afghans are the best option. Else, you can also place an order with us stating your exact specifications and we will be happy to deliver you the same.

Light colored rugs/pastel tones would not just add size to your room and make it look bigger but also match with most of the interiors of your space. A quick tip should be kept in mind while purchasing your favorite rug is that it doesn’t have to match 100% as long as it compliments, is in sync with the rest of the room and is visually appealing.


There are various designs and patterns one can choose from. From a traditional design point of view, once can choose from having a rug with/without medallion, Qum, Bokhara, Nain etc to name a few. Beautiful intricate designs mean greater workmanship on the rug that could have easily taken 8-10 months with 2-3 weavers working on it on an average. On the other hand, for a modern design rug, you can choose from our collection of ready stock as well request an order for a customized one.

This is one aspect where a lot of us get confused whether to keep the legs of the furniture on the carpet or off the carpet. Well, the trick is to be consistent throughout instead of having one side of the carpet with legs and the other side without the legs of the furniture. If you have more room and would like your entire rug to be as visible as possible, then the best bet would be to have the legs off the carpet plus this helps on vacuuming the rug as nicely as possible.

A high traffic area needs a rug that is more durable, stain resistant and has more longevity. Due to this, it is advisable to choose a rug that is double weft, good quality fiber (wool/silk). For low traffic areas like bedroom, one can consider handmade pure silk rectangular rugs to place by the bed front and long runners for bed side. Low traffic areas include bedroom, formal dining area and living room, guest room whereas High traffic areas include lounges, casual dining/living room, kid’s room etc.

A handmade rug is 5 times more durable than a machine made rug. Durability of a rug also depends on the type of fiber used (wool/silk/mixed). A synthetic silk rug is far less durable than a Kashmir silk rug just like a double weft New Zealand wool rug is much more durable than a single weft wool rug.

Buying a rug is certainly not like buying vegetables from the grocery store on an everyday basis. It is one of those things that one buys and treasures it for a long time keeping its longevity in mind. If you are looking for a long term buy and would like to pass it on for generations to come, investing in a high quality handmade rug is definitely worth all the effort.


On the other hand, if budget is a constraint and yet you would like to have a beautiful rug that adorns your house each morning, handmade is the way to go since they more durable as opposed to a machine made rug which are short lived.