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Yak Carpet is the largest handmade carpet establishment in Asia, and it is located in New Delhi, India. Yak Carpet has become the most dependable source for rug enthusiasts worldwide because of its reputation for producing the best-handcrafted carpets. Since 1976, our rugs have been meticulously crafted by the most skilled weavers in the industry. Each piece pays homage to the enduring ability of human workmanship by combining premium materials with time-honoured techniques to create unique works of art. Because of our unwavering dedication to perfection, every carpet we design will not only improve your space but also leave a legacy of unrivalled quality and craftsmanship.


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Why Choose Yak Carpet?

A synopsis of Yak Carpet’s goals, mission, and core values
Established by Mr. Harsh Kumar Talwar in 1976, Yak Carpet has expanded from its modest beginnings to become the biggest handmade carpet enterprise in Asia. Following his migration from Munich, Germany, to Delhi, India, in 1975, Mr. Talwar taught the local population about excellent rug-weaving skills by utilising his knowledge and enthusiasm for fine art. Yak Carpet has been providing fine handmade rugs and outstanding craftsmanship to affluent consumers and business clients across the globe for many years. We have become a dominant force in the business because of our extensive history and unwavering commitment to quality.

We only sell Beautiful Carpets and Never our Ethics.

In Business Since 1976


We’ve been in the business for more than 4 decades and have served thousands of satisfied customers thus far.

Largest Inventory Best Rugs


Every rug is hand-picked by eye for beauty and touch for quality workmanship. We have the largest inventory of exclusive handmade carpets in Silk, Persian, Woolen & Modern designs.

Provide Carpet Education


Yak Carpet believes in educating its clients by providing in-depth carpet knowledge and the nuances of the art of carpet weaving.

Custom Order


We also undertake small and bulk quantities for custom order according to a client’s specific requirement and provide stellar results.

Pricing & Exchange


All our prices are fair and are products are directly from the source of our weavers. Under rare circumstances, a carpet may be exchanged within 14 days of purchase.

Shipping Worldwide


We ship worldwide through our reliable logistic partners, FedEx and UPS. We guarantee prompt delivery and all goods are 100% insured.




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How To Choose The Right Carpet?

  • Recognise your space:
    Before you start looking, it’s critical to have a firm notion of where you want your rug to go. Measure the area to choose the ideal rug size and form for the room. Take traffic patterns and furniture placement into consideration when choosing a rug so that it complements your decor flawlessly.
  • Quality is Essential:
    Quality should be the primary consideration when purchasing a handmade rug online. Select carpets composed of premium materials, such as wool, silk, or cotton, as these materials are known for their durability and longevity. Yak Carpet, an Indian company, takes great pride in its exquisite rugs, which are skillfully crafted by skilled weavers using age-old methods that have been passed down through the years.
  • Pay close attention to the details:

Take note of the rug’s intricate details, including its pattern, colour, and design. Choose a rug that goes well with the current decor in your room by considering its aesthetic. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant colours or subtle, intricate patterns, Yak Carpet, India, offers a wide range of options to suit every style and preference.

  • Read reviews and recommendations:
    Invest some time to study customer reviews and recommendations before buying a product.. This will provide you with important information about the brand’s quality and level of customer support. At Yak Carpet, India, we appreciate client comments and work hard to give them the greatest possible purchasing experience.

Purchasing a handmade rug online can be a rewarding experience when approached with the right knowledge and preparation. From knowing your space to paying attention to details, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Happy rug shopping!

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Measure the size of the room where the rug needs to be placed…


Light colored rugs/pastel tones would not just add size to your room…


This is one aspect where a lot of us get confused whether to keep…


A high traffic area needs a rug that is more durable, stain…


What we do at Yak Carpet?

At Yak Carpet, we think that human hands produce the best art. Our more than three decades of history rely on outstanding craftsmanship and consistent quality. Every rug is an original work of art that reflects the rich legacy of the Mughal era as well as inspirations from Kazakhstan, Persia, and Baluchistan. Our commitment to producing beautiful handmade rugs has allowed us to dominate the industry and cater to demanding clients all over the world. Yak Carpet maintains its reputation for producing rugs that are not only exquisite but also a living example of our unwavering dedication to excellence and creativity with conventional methods and creative innovation.

Discover our carefully chosen collection of hand-knotted carpets, each one created to turn any area into a masterpiece. Our collection includes magnificent Persian carpets as well as antique treasures, modern patterns, and everything in between to suit every taste and style. Notable customers have accessorised their rooms with our rugs, such as former President Bill Clinton, demonstrating our appeal on a global scale. You can enjoy the beauty of our works from anywhere in the world with the ease of our e-store, which makes it simple to purchase your preferred rug from Yak Carpet, India.

Yak Carpet offers an experience that is unmatched, in addition to beautiful rugs. Our breadth of experience and versatility are demonstrated by our large collection and turnkey projects for hotels, embassies, and corporate entities. We guarantee the safe and timely delivery of your selected item with reliable door-to-door delivery via FedEx and UPS. Yak Carpet is the best place to get handcrafted rugs and carpets because of our exceptional quality, historical relevance, and visual appeal.

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