Carpet Care

Carpet Care

It is extremely important to possess the right kind of knowledge as far carpet care and maintenance is concerned. Some people prefer cleaning on their own while others seek professional help.


For everyday cleaning, one should vacuum in the direction of the pile of the rug. It is strongly advised not to vacuum in the opposite direction of the pile of the rug as it will only ruin your carpet. According to a science research, tests have shown that vacuuming can kill at least 100% of young fleas and 96% of adult fleas present in a carpet or rug.

Stain removal

Wine/Coke ect Stains

What happens when on a Friday night your guest spills a glass of wine on your favorite rug? Your heart sinks and the very next morning you want to take it for a quick wash.

The best thing you should do is rub the stain with a wet cloth and clean it from outside to the inner spot so that you do not get the spot right inside the fiber. Alternatively, after home cleaning, it is advisable to leave your rug in direct sunlight for a few hours to combat any remaining stain.

Pet Stains

Now this is something that happens, no matter how well your dog/cat is trained and the biggest worry is discoloration of fiber. Don’t fret. In such cases, the first thing one should do is to get the urine cleaned out of the carpet as soon as possible.

The longer the urine sits on the rug, the more damage it does to your favorite rug. After this, clean the stain with use of a disinfectant carpet cleaning chemical from a local store which will help you get rid of the remaining spots on the carpet. In future, make sure your pets are mainly on hard floor to keep them off your favorite rug.

Throw Stain

This is something one needs to take extra care of. It could be your kid, pet or just anyone. In such cases, take a white paper towel and damp it with cold water and get rid of the throw up as much as possible. You can also use cornstarch with Luke warm water which will absorb the acid from the throw up.

The main issue is to get rid of the stain as soon as possible and one should certainly not leave cleaning “throw-up” till the next morning-it will only make the spot permanent.

Repair and maintenance

There are times when your favorite rug is torn from the edges due to some reason, eaten by moths or could have been affected by the monsoon season. In such cases, do not give your rug to a dry cleaners or anyone who is not a professional. We undertake repair of rugs which are thoroughly inspected by our team of carpet specialists and takes about 8-10 days. Pick-up and delivery of rugs is available on request.