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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Handmade Rug

Buying a rug is not only be a tedious process but can also be very tiresome. It requires a lot of time, money and effort to pick the right rug. Purchasing a rug is not like buying groceries from a vegetable store. It is like buying that perfect ring for your fiancé where there are no would have’s, could have’s or should have’s. Additionally, it is crucial to decipher the size, weave, material and most importantly the budget before making that big purchase.

Before venturing into buying that rug you have always dreamt off, it is extremely crucial to determine the exact size of the rug. Also, it is important to decide if one wants the leg of the furniture on the carpet or off the carpet and accordingly measure the size of the rug. For example, for a living room, a large area rug is ideal whereas for a bedroom a medium to small size rug would be perfect. On the other hand, for a foyer or entrance, a round or square carpet would look good.

Rug buying guide

Another factor to determine before making that purchase is figuring out what kind of weave of the rug one is looking for. For instance, one can choose from a hand knotted rug to a hand tufted rug or even a machine made rug. However, a machine made rug is not very durable as compared to a good quality handmade rug.

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The most important variable to consider prior to buying a rug is to decide the material of the same. Most of the good quality rugs are made in New Zealand wool and are double weft. However, the fine quality rugs are made in pure silk and have high knots per square inch. In Silk as well, there are two qualities namely; silk on silk and silk on cotton. It is advised to avoid rugs made out of artificial silk since they are highly inflammable and polypropylene rugs are also not a goof choice since they smell of rubber and would stench the entire space.

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After considering all these factors, the most crucial part is to set aside a budget. Rug prices can go upto couple of thousand dollars. A handmade rug is more expensive than a machine made rug. It should be noted that a lot of times, rug stores jack up the prices and then try to offer a discount on top of that. is one such store that offers great quality rugs at fair prices. The specialty of it is that each rug is One of a kind and has been meticulously handcrafted with a lot of precision.

To conclude, it would be right to say that that is important to keep the aforementioned factors in mind prior to making that bug purchase. There are a lot of rug stores who might tell their customers something that isn’t true about the carpet, however, the key is to trust your gut instinct and buy what suits ones’ interiors best.